Hey Stu, Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all the work you have done with Bobby over the past almost two years. I have seen a big improvement in his hitting. He went from swing and missing a lot and be scared at the plate to a kid who is relaxed confident at the plate. His eye at the plate is much better and he is putting the ball in play with solid contact almost every at bat now. We just found out last night he is one of only two 11 year olds to make the Harleysville 12u travel team and we owe it all to you so thank you very very much.
— Bobby

I was always taught to work hard for the goals I want to achieve. D1 Baseball Academy allows me to put in the work so I can be the type of player that I strive to be. The facility is a great place for me to work on all aspects of my game, all year round. The open field is great for working on footwork for infield/outfield drills and throwing programs. I can use the cages to do all kinds of hitting drills off of a tee or take live batting practice from a coach or my dad. Coach Drossner and Coach Kotsopoulos are very experienced and always eager to help. Overall, D1 is a place where I can work on my game and work towards my personal goals every day.
— Josh Kim

Mason just went deep over the left-field fence for his first out-of-the-park homerun ever. Awesome. D1 is definitely paying off!
— Jerry

D1 Baseball Academy has been essential in the development of Jadon’s athletic performance. Coach Stu and Coach George provide an honest and balanced approach. They work on all aspects of baseball and provide plenty of opportunities and tournaments. It’s been a pleasure watching Jadon play.
— Daniel Tang